Keep Calm & BAKE! (at Home)

Home baking is having a moment. Flour and yeast are flying off shelves. Mills are working overtime. Social media feeds are flooded with photos of newly-birthed sourdough starters, banana bread, and cookie deliveries packaged for neighbors. As we stay at home to keep our communities safe, many people are turning to baking to bring a sense of calm, creativity, self-reliance, and delight to their day-to-day lives. 

“Seeing the newfound broad enthusiasm for baking has been surprising and exciting. It’s been many years since our culture has truly embraced baking in general and bread specifically. I’m enjoying having so many people to share my passion and interests with,” said Amy Emberling, managing partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse.

BAKE! at home

BAKE! our hands-on baking school

BAKE! is built on our passion to share our knowledge and love of baking with home bakers, to seek to preserve baking traditions, and to inspire new ones. We know baking, and traditional methods and recipes, can be grounding anchors in otherwise disorienting times. We think the recent widespread discovery of home baking is something worth celebrating. As always, we’re happy to be a resource for everyone from the baking-curious to the baking obsessed.

“It is so much fun to be a part of an active and joyful community of bakers, especially at this time. Getting to talk (through social media) to people through recipes and seeing their excitement in trying a recipe for the first time, or baking with their family, is super gratifying for me and warms my heart,” said Sara Molinaro, lead instructor and principal of BAKE! 

We encourage anyone who has found joy and comfort baking in their home kitchens, or is interested in tackling a more ambitious project, or simply wants to continue their baking adventure, to dive into the many resources we have available to help you BAKE! at home.

Want to join in on the fun? Check out these Bakehouse resources


(NEW!) Virtual Classes

The core of BAKE! remains grounded in baking together, in person, in class. That will not change and we look forward to the day that it is safe to do so again. However, like many other businesses, we are looking for ways to carry on our vision while staying safe and physically distancing ourselves. 

We’ve created virtual online BAKE! classes through Google Meet. Some things will be the same (same instructor interaction, same great tried and true Zingerman’s recipes) and some things will be different (you will need to wash your own dishes!). Our vision is to bake with people in their home environments, troubleshooting and engaging and getting our bake on together. We want to continue to share what we know, learn from one another, and reach students who, for many reasons, have not been able to attend a class before. Peruse the full calendar here: BAKE! Classes.

Bakehouse Cookbook

If you’d like to learn about our approach to baking, the history of Zingerman’s Bakehouse, along with step-by-step instructions for our favorite recipes, look no further than the Zingerman’s Bakehouse cookbook.

COMING SOON! Soup Booklet—Cup or Bowl?

Zingerman’s Bakehouse will release a new soup cookbooklet highlighting the
Bakehouse’s favorite soup recipes. If you are looking for the perfect accompaniment to your freshly-baked bread, this is it! Stay tuned for its release date.

BAKE! Blog Tips & Recipes 

Bake With Zing, the Bakehouse blog, is a treasure trove of baking history, tips and recipes. We invite you to take a cruise through the archives.


If you’re on a quest to find baking ingredients, keep the Bakehouse in mind as a quality source. If you’re from out of town, check out for essential ingredients like all-purpose, freshly milled whole grain flour from Michigan, freshly milled einkorn wheat flour.  

BAKE! at homeOnce you’ve taken a BAKE! Class, you’re invited to join our private Facebook group. We’ve been delighted to follow our community’s home baking adventures – take a peek at the magic that has been happening in our BAKE! Community members’ kitchens as they BAKE! at home:    

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